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Bible Study

What an amazing privilege it is to start a Bible study and lead others in seeing and opening the truths of God’s word. If God is calling you to lead a Bible study, you will definitely need a lot of prayer and planning. You want to be as effective as you can at leading others into the Word of God. Bible study is a great way to not only grow in your knowledge of scripture but also to grow in Godly community and relationship with others.

You want to be committed to growing and helping others to grow spiritually. A great way to start is gathering a group of people who are passionate about the Word of God. When you have a passionate group, it will set the stage for great results. The following are great steps for preparing:




1. Personal Holiness.
The first and most important step in leading a Bible is personal holiness. This does not mean that you are “perfect”. It means that The Word of God is the guiding force in your life! A Godly leader is marked by Godly character. It’s important to be in consistent personal Bible study. We should desire holiness, not only for God’s glory and our good but for those we are leading. (2 Corinthians 7:1)


2. Seeking God’s Wisdom.
You want to know that it is the Spirit of God that is leading in your Bible study. Opening your meetings in prayer is a must. It’s important to be aware and attune to the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that will convict, direct, and touch the hearts of your group. You must be willing to always let His voice speak louder than yours. (Proverbs 16:1)


3. Plan.
Planning is crucial. Spending time preparing will help you to be organized and effective at creating a healthy flowing environment. It’s good to have an outline of the way you want to conduct your time together. Plan out the times your group will meet and make sure it is consistent. Consistency also allows your members to also plan accordingly.


4. Establish Expectations.
It’s essential to make expectations clear in the beginning with your group.  Share the goals of the study with your group and ask them to share their goals and expectations. This makes it easier for everyone in the group to understand the main desires of the collective group. Also, be sure to ask others what they would like to study. This will set the study on the right track!


5. Lead with Intention.
 Although fellowship and conversation are important, an effective Bible study leader will make efforts to guard time to focus on the Word. People appreciate a Bible study that actually focuses on the Bible. Making sure that the study is always centered around Scripture fulfills the main purpose of helping others know and understand the Word of God better. Also, it’s essential to know your group and what specifically they are struggling with. The more aware you are, the more effective you will be able to lead with intention. 



Goal:  Make Disciples – Strive to raise up new Bible Study Leaders!

Group prays together 

God has given me the privilege of starting my own Bible study with an amazing group of women. It has been challenging at times but so exciting to see others grow in the process. After wanting to lead a Bible study for so long, God opened the door when the time was right! I have watched God do amazing things through the study, and He continues to guide me in leading others into His Word. Now, most of the group are leading as well!

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Sermons That Changed My Life.


All through the Scriptures, God gifted men to carry out His Word. God promises to give us spiritual teachers and leaders to help us better understand what a life in Christ really embodies. I decided to put together some of the most powerful sermons that helped me to understand Christianity in my early stages of following Christ. There are so many wonderful pastors and sermons out there today but these are some of my personal favorites.

These sermons have served as a great motivation in my life. They have helped me better understand who God is, who I am, or what it is I am truly living for. I have shared these messages with many people whom I love to help them with their personal journeys and broaden their understanding of the importance of walking with God. Inspirational, motivational, and life changing, all these sermons have greatly helped shape the woman I am today. I hope they also give you encouragement to grow deeper in your journey of faith.



1. God’s Greatest Desire -Robert Morris

This sermon is from one of my favorite Pastors, Robert Morris.  The title, “Gods Greatest Desire“, got my attention right away. What is Gods greatest desire? It might be obvious to you, but this message was a game-changer for me!



2. Living with Joy -Francis Chan 
We all want to live with unshakeable joy and sometimes that seems to be unattainable. Francis Chan, one of my personal favorites, gives an inspiring message of how to live with the true joy of our faith. “Living with Joy gave me the perspective to look at life on earth with an eternal perspective. And that changes everything!



3. Satan’s Greatest Desire -Robert Morris
Similar to “God’s Greatest Desire, is “Satan’s Greatest Desire. This message is unbelievable! It certainly opens your eyes to many deceptions and lies the world seems to so easily fall into and helps you to see the nature of the enemy. Undoubtedly one of the most eye-opening sermons you will see!



4. Hell Is For Real -Louie Giglio
“Does hell exist? Why would a good God make anyone go to hell?” These are questions many people have. Pastor Louie Giglio answers these questions using scripture to clearly explain what we all need to know about the eternal punishment that we all can avoid. Maybe not the most popular, but one of the most important truths we need to hear.



5.When Faith Is Hard and the Burden Is Heavy -David Platt
Faith is sometimes hard when the burden of life seems heavy. If you are struggling with faith, this sermon gives you a new way to embrace the challenging obstacles of life. It also helps to know that we all seem to face times in our lives when faith seems difficult but God is always there to get us through. David Platt is passionate to give hope to those who are in a season of difficulty.


In the comments, let me know some of your most influential, life changing sermons!

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Artist of the Week.

 Christy Nockels 

Christy Nockels is a Christian artist who is known for her singles, “Waiting Here For You” and “Let It Be Jesus”. Christy has a beautiful voice and some of the best worship songs out there. I’ve had the privilege of worshiping with her many times on Sunday gatherings at Passion City Church.  The newest album from Christy is, “Let It Be Jesus”, which is by far my favorite! Some of the songs on this album have truly been the rock of my worship. If you haven’t heard her newest album, I highly recommend checking it out! Let It Be Jesus!


Let it be Jesus


Christy Nockels- My Anchor (live)

Christy Nockels- The Wondrous Cross

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